AA超级经济舱图片。Photo Credit: Dallas Morning News


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我呢?我等着12月去飞我的CX F啦(


  • Fare: American (AA) QLX73GN1 LAX to BJS
  • Booking class: P
  • Price: from $885 ($450 base fare + taxes & surcharges).
  • Day/Time restrictions: Permitted Monday through Thursday on each transpacific sector.
  • Seasonal restrictions: from the United States – permitted 27AUG through 03OCT or 17OCT through 09DEC or 25DEC through 19FEB or 05MAR through 29APR for each transpacific sector. To the United States – permitted 16JAN through 07FEB or 19FEB through 30JUN or 08SEP through 20SEP or 03OCT through 31DEC for each transpacific sector.
  • Flight restrictions: transpacific travel must be on any AA flight operated by AA/JL.
  • Advanced reservation/Ticketing restrictions: reservations for all sectors are required at least 7 days before departure.
  • Minimum stay requirements: 3 days
  • Maximum stay requirements: 6 months.
  • Stopovers: do not apply.
  • Transfers: do not apply.
  • Blackout dates: from area 1 – travel is not permitted 12DEC 18 through 23DEC 18 or 08FEB 19 through 10FEB 19 or 15FEB 19 through 17FEB 19. To area 1 – travel is not permitted 01JAN 19 through 13JAN 19 or 31JAN 19 through 03FEB 19 or 05FEB 19 through 06FEB 19.
  • Travel restrictions: do not apply.
  • Sales restrictions: Tickets must be issued on AA or JL.
  • Cancellations: charge $300.00 for cancel/no-show/refund.
  • Changes: charge $250.00 for reissue/revalidation